Chakra Kit including Opalite Pendulum


All Crystals sold are ethically sourced

This kit contains 7 chakra crystals and a grounding stone :

Base Chakra Red – Jasper ( known as ‘the supreme nurturer’), protects against negativity, balances the Ying and Yang and helps the allowance of celebrating situations of isolation.

Sacral Chakra  Orange – Carnelian – Protects against envy, fear, rage and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure.

Solar Plexus Yellow Chakra – Yellow Aventurine –  Represents prosperity, balance, creativity, optimism, calmness, and self-reflection. It is often associated or linked with the solar plexus chakra.

Heart Chakra Green –  Prehnite – A some for dreaming and remembering, can be used to multiply energy and enhance ones protective fields, enhances the state of meditation.

Throat Chakra  Light Blue– Angelite – A symbol of the verbalisation and communication of love and light to the world, a ”stone for raising the state of conscious awareness”.

Brow Chakra Purple – Amethyst – A “a stone of spirituality and contentment”, facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels, a “stone of meditation”, allows for the integration of cause and effect.

Crown Chakra Dark Blue – Apatite – Stimulates the intellect and promote realisation that ones strength occurs through both spiritual avenues and via love; hence, dissolving aloofness and negativity, a ”stone of the future” and will bring knowledge to those attuned to it by clearing mental confusion.

Hematite – Grounding stone




Chakra set with Opalite pendulum.

Kit contains:

7 Chakra stones

Hematite for grounding

Opalite Pendulum

Pink Velvet Pouch

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