Natural Lift Facial Massage Course – Norwich

Natural Lift Facial Massage Course – Norwich
Also known as facial rejuvenation or Non Surgical Face lift.
This is a one day accredited and insurable course, open to complete beginners, qualified therapists or beauticians.
The techniques used in the natural lift facial are more varied than a traditional western facial routine, with more direct pressure being applied and massage movements which work directly to re train the muscle memory.
Stress and tension can be seen in the face, and can lead to lines and wrinkles,it is said that we spend a majority of our time wearing our face as a mask. By relieving stress and tension and working with muscle memory to uplift and sooth the face, clients will noticeably see a difference in the tone and texture of their skin, and a reduction in lines and wrinkles.
The natural lift facial includes massage to the chest, neck, face and scalp to leave your clients calm and relaxed, working with Facial reflexology and Ayurveda massage this is a truly wonderful treatment to be able to offer your clients.
Please see the course page for further details – Massage Training Norfolk