Massage Training

Massage Training in Norfolk by Yvonne Potter

ITEC Massage training

I qualified as a massage therapist in 2002 and went on to qualify as a sports massage therapist in 2004. I have been working in the industry ever since, running my own successful clinic, offering many different massage and spiritual treatments.
I began teaching in 2007, working in London and Norfolk for a large award winning training school, writing and teaching my own courses for existing therapists and beginners.
During this time I have trained 1000,s of students and am particularly proud of our 100% pass rate of my iTEC/VTCT practical exams.
I foundered Yve Training as I care passionately about the industry, and believe in first class training, that gives the student both the  confidence and support to be able to build their own successful business and to thrive in the industry.

Our ethos is to empower students and therapists to become the best version of themselves to be able to enrich the lives of their clients and those around them.

Experienced Tutors

The tutors that teach for Yve Holistic Training are all highly experienced tutors and assessors with years of experience teaching in Schools and Colleges around the country.

They are all professional therapists who continue to treat private clients and manage their own successful clinics.
I hope you enjoy your training with us and i look forward to meeting you.


Myofascial Release – Cathy Alderson

Cathy AldersonCathy has trained with world renowned trainers and therapists such as John F Barnes and Gil Hedley in the USA, Robert Schleip from Germany and Mel Cash who are all innovators in the fields of education and training. With over 25 years experience she offers a wealth of knowledge and is a passionate, patient and inspiring tutor who takes great care in nurturing future therapists and helping students to realise their full potential.


She first became interested in Massage and Natural Health whilst living in New Zealand and studied with a Naturopath where she qualified in Therapeutic Massage, Sports Therapy and Natural Medicine, gaining internationally recognized certificates in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage, Gym Instruction with Diet & Nutrition.


An early career at the famous Sanctuary Spa in London led to experience in dealing with a wide variety of clients, enabling Cathy to set up and run a successful private practise in Brighton. Over the past 25 years she has continued to study and learn new skills, deepening her knowledge and keeping ahead of changes happening within the industry, these include advanced techniques for Cranial Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Techniques, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and through Advanced Anatomical Learning at St Andrews Medical School, a profound and unforgettable experience where the participants dissect whole human cadavers themselves to witness human anatomy at the deepest level.


She has been teaching in the UK for the past 8 years and more recently in France, Greece and Italy running workshops and promoting the benefits of Touch Therapy helping others to learn and pass on her knowledge to help therapists empower and inspire their own clients. We are truly delighted and privileged to have Cathy teaching the Myofascial Release course for us.

Maureen Bonner – Start with Touch

Maureen Bonner is an experienced oncology massage expert with over 17 years’ experience under her belt.
It all started in the year 2000 when she trained as a Massage and Beauty Therapist. From then on, she began to work with people using complementary therapies, particularly those with a range of disabilities, health conditions and cancer.
Early in her career she volunteered at a local hospice where she worked along with medical professionals to show the benefit that massage and other complementary therapies had on the wellbeing of patients. At the same time, she was able to show that massage therapy helped with various symptoms that cancer patients were going through with the effects of their treatments.
Maureen has also been involved in working with the elderly in nursing homes with patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Other groups she has worked with include the local fibromyalgia group, people with sight, hearing and speech impairments, and various other groups which support people with a number of disabilities. She also has a massage clinic, the Holistic Clinic which she has been running for almost 10 years. Before that, she operated a mobile therapy clinic which was also involved in corporate work throughout the Central Scotland area. Through this, she delivered therapies and health relief functions, meditation sessions and mindfulness lectures. Furthermore, she is also a practicing Nicherin Buddhist and this is where her passion for inclusiveness comes from.
Throughout her career she has continued to develop herself professionally, obtaining many certificates in training on various massage skills, learning Eastern methods as well as advanced Western methods. She also works with energy, been involved with crystals from a very young age, (around the age of 5) and meditation. She is also a Reiki and Seichem Master.
Maureen is looking forward to being your tutor and helping you fulfil your ambitions as she has hers. Also, she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with you while supporting your journey and helping you to achieve your dreams.

Zoe Emmerson

Reflexology and Aromatherapy Tutor

It was in 1993 with the birth of my son that I was introduced to the wonder of complementary therapies for relaxation, healing and pain relief.  This prompted me to train from 1996-2000 and have since then enjoyed an amazing diverse career working in the industry with the combined background of education and professional practice.

From 2004 onwards I lectured Complementary Therapies in Further and Higher Education at East Coast College and then at Essex Academy.   These roles included being responsible for the organisation, management and teaching of practical and theoretical subjects, whilst embedding and meeting all educational directives for all courses. Subjects I taught included aromatherapy, reflexology, body massage, Indian Head massage, advanced aromatherapy, aromatherapy and cancer-care, hot/cold stone therapy and crystal healing therapy.  I have been awarded ‘Tutor of the Year’ for Waveney Coastal District in 2013 and have had successful results in competitions that my students were entered in nationally.

Professionally I have continued to work as a freelance complementary therapist on a self-employed basis at clinics in Acle and Norwich and for many parts of the community including corporate business, care, NHS, home visits and training/assessment. I have worked with Dementia offering appropriate complementary treatments with a care setting for 20 months and now also work (NHS) part-time within palliative care 3 days a week. I stay up-to-date with initiatives with CPD, training courses and Expo attendance.  Currently I am developing a programme to integrate energy-based healing, mindfulness and complementary therapies to aid personal health and well-being.

With my longstanding passion, experience, teaching and practice of complementary therapies I am able to offer sound professional training to my students who can look forward to a rewarding and gratifying future.



Helen Murfit

Aromatherapy and Massage Tutor

My initial interest began with Aromatherapy in my teens and early twenties. I loved reading books and making natural products I could use at home. I never thought I would become a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist.
I began my journey into the world of Holistic Therapy because of a desire to help people live a fulfilling life with reduced pain and discomfort enabling them to enjoy themselves and their friends and family.
The more I learn about complimentary therapies the more excited I become knowing I can make a real difference to people in a less intrusive more natural way.
I am truly passionate about what I do and am in a very privileged position to be able to wake up each morning, looking forward to the day ahead.
I strongly believe in the therapeutic benefits of massage and complementary therapies and I am very proud to be part of the team working with Yve Training.

My qualifications include aromatherapy, massage, sports massage, myofascial release, oncology massage, hot stone and pregnancy massage.
As well as working as a tutor and PA for Yvonne at Yve training, I also run my own successful clinic treating private clients.


Tanya Hutson

Beauty and Holistic Therapies Tutor

I have 20 years experience in the Beauty therapy industry.  My career began in 1999 when I qualified as a beauty therapist and started working in a small tanning salon.
I have gained knowledge and experience in a broad range of treatments and therapies.
I built up the salon to employing 9 therapists and  began teaching in 2012 for a award winning training school and loved sharing my knowledge and seeing my student’s confidence and business’s grow.
I currently still work as a therapist with a wide range of Holistic therapies as well as beauty treatments.
I feel lifelong learning is really important and love learning new courses and treatments, keeping my knowledge base and CPD up to date.

I’m very happy to be working with Yve training. I pride myself on being professional and approachable. I still have the same enthusiasm and passion today as I did then.
I am looking to pass my experience to all students I meet, and instil a passion for lifelong learning.




Gemma Beal, Sports massage Tutor

Soft Tissue Therapist, MSc, CTHA, ISRM.
Pilates, Rehabilitation and Injury Specialist.
Gemma Beal

I am fascinated by the human body, it’s ability to move, adapt, heal and especially how it reacts to pain and stress.

I have a passion for health and wellness and a desire to spread awareness and education on how to best use the body, as a fully functioning tool for life.

I have a history of working as a Personal Trainer in a variety of corporate gyms across London.

I am also a qualified Exercise Physiologist, educating individuals on testing markers of physical and mental health, educating on healthy living, wellness, disease prevention, fitness, stress reduction and promoting overall wellbeing.

I  always had a burning desire to train in massage and on the very first day of my initial massage course, there was a literal lightbulb *ding!* moment, whereby I just knew that bodywork was my calling!

The spark has never stopped since! Leading to qualifying with the LSSM in Soft Tissue Therapy (Level 5) and Pilates (Matwork Level 3) with APPI and running my own Soft Tissue Therapy business in London.

After receiving hip surgery in 2019, this highlighted even more so the power of massage and the need for hands-on healing work and experiencing this first hand has made me such a more empathetic practitioner.

This has naturally progressed in me wanting to teach and inspire others to experience the same! I aim to spread my knowledge and passion in massage and movement, understanding how the body works to help in the healing process.

Teaching others to do this brings me no greater joy! The power of hands-on therapy is truly magical on so many levels.