Massage Training Norfolk – Buying your massage couch

Things to consider when purchasing your massage couch –
Is the couch to be used for mobile services or static in a clinic environment?
If the couch is going to be used for mobile services then weight and durability will be high on the list of requirements. The weight of portable couches varies from 10kg to 17kg, which is something to take into consideration if carrying the couch for any distance!
All couches should come with height adjustable legs, to ensure that you the therapist is working at the correct posture at all times.
Metal based couches tend to be of a lighter weight than wooden based couches making them a much better choice if offering mobile services, attending events or sports related massage treatments.
The couch should also have a breath hole for the comfort of the client; there is nothing worse than having a full body massage with your neck turned to the side. Remember that lying in this position for any length of time can exasperate the client’s symptoms and they will feel considerably worse after a massage treatment, clearly not the desired effect that you are looking for.
Wooden and electric based couches are more suitable if working in a clinic or salon environment, these couches tend to have a larger width to them, making them more stable for the client and more adaptable to other treatments you may have to offer as a therapist.
Some portable couches also come with adjustable arm and head supports, which is a great option to allow you to effectively support a variety of clients.
Most couches will have an adjustable backrest, allowing the client to sit up during the treatment, this makes things much more adaptable if also offering beauty treatments or working with pregnant clients and reflexology.
Massage couch prices vary and a new massage couch can be bought for as little as £69.99 or you can spend £1800 on an electric couch.
In my experience, most massage couches on the market will do the job effectively and your first massage couch should not cost you a fortune. Ideally it should suit your individual needs as a therapist and your clients.
Happy massage couch buying