Massage for Cancer Training – Norwich, Norfolk

Yve Holistic Training is proud to be an affiliate for Start with touch Oncology Course.
This course is broken into 3 parts with the theory studied online before attending a practical days training at our venue in Norwich, Norfolk, this is followed with 3 mentored case studies before receiving your certificate.
A beautifully written course by Maureen Bonner who has over 17 years experience working within the industry.
This course will dispel any myths and fears you have concerning treating clients with cancer, giving you the confidence and clarity to not turn anyone away from receiving a treatment.
To book or view this course and please follow the link directly to the Start with Touch website Click here to book
Maybe you’ve been through the pain of turning away a client because you just weren’t confident enough to treat them, and wished you could have been able to help.
Perhaps it was a family member and you knew that if you just had a bit more knowledge you could have used your skills to make a huge difference to their comfort and treatment.
Or perhaps one of your regular clients got a cancer diagnosis and you really wished you could have continued to treat them so they didn’t have to go to a hospice and have someone unfamiliar, or miss out entirely because they couldn’t find a therapist who would treat them.
Because you truly care about people, these things matter.
Perhaps you’ve wished you could really feel confident and competent when it comes to cancer and massage therapy.
And never turn anyone away.
And help more people.
And wouldn’t it be great if you could also communicate confidently with a cancer patient and do a consultation knowing nothing has been missed and you are able to carry out a safe treatment that will actually help, and will be soothing and nurturing?
Well, now you can. I believe in never turning anyone away, and I have created a fully accredited course in which you can learn everything you need to never turn away anyone with cancer.