Hot Stone Massage course Norwich


Hot and Cold Stone Massage Diploma Course – Norwich
An indulgent and therapeutic treatment for relaxation or a deep tissue alternative, without causing undue stress and soreness. Envelope your clients into a blissfully deep tissue massage, using the stones to create a sense of relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

Also beneficial to you the massage therapist, as using the stones to warm the tissues will help you to achieve the required depth quicker, preventing injury and tiredness to your hands.

We offer a one day Hot and Cold stone massage course which is accredited, insurable and carries CPD points. This is an advanced massage course and is open to existing therapists only. Please see the course page for criteria of qualifications.

On this course you will learn a full body Hot Stone massage treatment, how to use the stones cold and how to alternate between hot and cold stones to create vasodilation.

Some benefits of Hot Stone massage

  • Increased localised circulation.
  • Reduces chronic stress and tension
  • Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement
  • Relieves stress and encourages relaxation