Continual Professional Development for Massage Therapists

CPD Massage courses Norfolk
How do you earn continual professional development points as a massage therapist?
There are many ways to support your development as a therapist.
CPD points can be gained by attending further training, writing case studies, researching, writing an article about your chosen subject and having it published, or attending lectures and exhibitions undertaken by the professional bodies.
Research can be an extremely enjoyable and fun way to earn CPD, such as visiting Kew gardens if you are an aromatherapist, or by volunteering your services at a sporting event offering pre and post massage treatments.
However you decide to earn your CPD, it is an important aspect of your role and growth as a therapist.
If you are a member of a professional body, gaining CPD points each year is a compulsory part of their membership. It also shows how professional you are as a therapist and that you are continually learning and improving your services to your clients.
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