Aromatherapy for Professionals

Aromatherapy Training for Professionals

It’s been an amazing few months with my students on the Aromatherapy diploma. It was a complete pleasure to share my passion and introduce them to the world of essential oils. I watched them develop the skills I taught and become professional therapists themselves! Here’s a little safety message from us, please read it 🙂

The potency of these plant based oils can often be taken for granted and it’s so important that a full understanding of their properties is understood.
It concerns me and other professionals how readily available these medicines are. They really shouldn’t be used in experimentation.

Essential oils are very concentrated, they have chemical constituents that have the ability to raise blood pressure, prompt epileptic seizure and can affect hormone levels significantly to name just a few. Professional advice should always be taken prior to using this gift from nature.

I can not stress enough that there is no need to ingest essential oils. Our livers are not designed to filter this level of concentration. The molecules in essential oils are one of the few that are small enough to enter the blood stream through the skin and inhalation. This is how they should be used! For more information on the dangers of ingesting as the advice online is mixed, please see the International Federation of Aromatherapists website.

Aromatherapy is a fantastic way to naturally boost your health and well-being. Used correctly, amazing results are achieved and all of my clients would agree.

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